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PQP Rates for the February 2018

Cat A PQP Trend

This is a public service announcement. No, really. It seems the SG Carmart website that usually calculates and announces the PQP levels has stopped doing so even though the February PQP rates can be calculated at this moment in time.

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PQP Direction for February 2018

How’s the start to your new year in 2018? Hope all is well with you! We previously predicted a rise in the PQP for the month of January 2018 compared with December of 2017. Well, sometimes it is unexpected, even

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PQP Going Up in Jan 2018?

Unfortunately, we do think so, especially for Category A. PQP for COE renewals come January 2018 is going to be higher than December 2017 unless the second bid coming for Cat A cars in December is lower than $36,000, which

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Foregone Conclusion – COE To Cost More From 2018?

The latest COE news is that our government will stop vehicle population growth for private cars from January of 2018 onwards – this has sent some shock to consumers, not helped by the fact that news and media are reporting

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Best Car for COE Renewal

Is there such a thing as best car for COE renewal? Here’s another tip for you when considering renewal – one that you may not have considered or known about! The situation is different for each individual person so I’m

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Half Month PQP?

Confused? We were too, until we found out why! Back story to this starts from the COE fall for Cat A for the first bid of September 2017 to only $36,001 – a seven year low, at levels last seen

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Saving on PQP: “Smart Is Good, Don’t Add Smart”

Interesting concept popped up when from a chat with a customer keen to renew his car’s COE – he confidently claimed that he can still renew his car next month, even though the expiry was this month. That’s true actually

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Don’t Look At Current COE For COE Renewal

“Wow, good, the COE just went down by a lot and is now only $44,002! I want to renew my COE now at this price!”, or so some may think. The answer is a yes it will affect your renewal

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Approved Loans for Civil Servants

“Is the COE car loan that you provide OK for civil servants“? This post is up here because we get asked very often. We understand that there are many restrictions that one has to abide with when working for the

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To Apply for 5 Year or 10 Year Renewal?

You would like to keep your car on the road, but do you apply for a 5 year or 10 year COE renewal? Does the interest rate on available loans affect your decision? Some other factors are even more important

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