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"" Your Car Information
    Purchase price of car   
    The purchase price entered here for new cars should include the customs duties, ARF, registration fee, GST and road tax for accurate calculation. You may check with your car distributor for more info of what is included in the price. The purchase price of a used car usually includes all these and may be directly entered here.  
    COE Amount  
    For new cars, if your dealer has included the COE in the overall purchase price above, leave this figure as nil. If your dealer charges COE exactly as bid and separate from the purchase price, please enter COE amount as per bidding exercise. For used cars, do not key in any value.  
    Is the car's Open Market Value (OMV) >$20k?
    MAS stipulates the max loan amount as 60% of purchase price for cars with OMV less than 20k and 50% of purchase price for cars with OMV more than $20k.  
    Intended down payment amount (if not taking max loan)  
    Trade-in price of current car (if any)  
    Outstanding owed on current car (settlement figure)  
    Term in months (max 60 months)  
    The maximum allowable loan tenure under MAS current rules is 60 months or 5 years. (The calculator will still process your figures should you key in a longer loan period)  
    General Loan Details c
    Total Purchase Amount  
    Minimum down payment required  
    Down payment used in calculation of loan  
    Auto loan amount  
"" Auto Loan Information
    Interest rate   
    Please key in here the loan interest rate you have been offered by the lender of your choice.  
    Auto Loan Details    
    Monthly payment  
This calculator provides an estimate of the monthly payable amount. Due to rounding adjustments, your monthly payments by the lender may differ slightly with the last payment taking into account the rounding.
    Loan total  
    Cost of Loan Over     
    Months                                 = Years  
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