The COE is near expiry! So what’s next?

We can help you. You may be quite relieved to hear that you can get a COE renewal loan, and that there are ways to help you save on the Prevailing Quota Premium (PQP), which is the moving average of the COE prices that you need to pay in order to renew COE.  Yes it’s technical and complicated and some people get confused.

The good news is, we can help renew COE and arrange the renewal loan for you, while likely saving you $ by monitoring the PQP, and do all the tedious paperwork that is required for you!

Many of us in Singapore take good care of our cars and many of our 10-year-old cars are still in good condition. So, what should you do when your cars reach 10 years old? This is a common dilemma that many car owners in Singapore face.


Image showing COE PQP Loan customer

One way to save that road worthy car (or van or commercial vehicle) is to renew the COE by paying the applicable COE PQP for your vehicle. It is likely to cost you less to renew the COE than purchasing a brand-new car, even with the increased car maintenance!

If you have decided to renew the COE, the next question you might have is, do you renew for another 5-year or 10-year period, and what are the consequences if you choose one over the other?

With the high COE renewal PQP price – which is not the same as current COE price) – some may wish to get a PQP loan to help in the financing and making the payment to the LTA. (You may like to check the latest COE PQP rates and PQP calculation here and from there consider if you would wish to apply for a loan)

Wondering where you can go to renew COE loan? Where to get the best COE renewal loan or pondering which is the best bank loan for COE renewal? Well, the honest answer is – As far as we know, no bank that you approach directly for a COE loan will offer you a COE renewal loan.

However, this is where SG Cash N Cars can help you out.  We have successfully helped many car owners in Singapore secure financing of COE at a competitive loan interest rate, and you can depend on us to help you get yours too.

So Much Hassle To Renew COE!

With insurance, road tax, inspection, PQP payment & queuing at LTA all to be done about the same time, is it causing stress? No more worries about the many processes required, apply for renewal with us & just carry on driving!

Do you know which month is better to renew your car's COE? Rely on our years of experience - we will provide you with valuable info to make a decision on how to renew at the most opportune time for to maximize your benefit


We are confident of getting your loan approved. If your loan is not approved by the financial institutions we bring your case to, you will receive money back


Wee keep you updated of the various processes that are required and will inform you with documentary proof at each step, as they are completed, so you know you are well taken care of all the way till renewal is done!

People Who Have Trusted Us With Their Cars Say

COE Car Loan Is of Approved Type for Civil Servants

We only provide hire purchase (HP) car loans by registered finance companies, approved by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, that comply with the government’s regulatory requirement. We do not process personal loans, and so, civil servants may apply with us for their (HP) car loans with peace of mind and at no risk to their jobs.

Contact us…

By using the link above or calling (65)9278-2880, and leave us the following info for us to assist:

  • Car owner’s name
  • Owner’s NRIC or passport number used in registration of the vehicle
  • COE expiry date (we will give you priority if COE is expiring soon)
  • Write your request, e.g.: “COE renewal wanted”

Please help us to reach you sooner by leaving us your contact number – many of our customers do not receive our replies by email due to their spam mail settings, and this may delay us from reaching you on time for COE renewal.

Maximum Loan Tenure

For the COE loan, please note that we the longest loan period is for:

  • 7 years (84 installments) for a 10 year COE renewal
  • 5 years (60 installments) for a 5 year COE renewal

Ask us about our service to help customers monitor and save money on your COE renewal PQP. To find out more, you can reach us directly by calling Robin at (65)9278-2880 (please send by SMS after office hours & we will call you back, soon as possible) for more information on our competitive COE loan interest rates, minimum and maximum amount of loan, documents required to apply for the COE PQP loan and so on.

We are here to help you keep that which is worth keeping! Contact us today for the best COE renewal loan available in Singapore.

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