Performance & Exotic Car Insurance

Insurance for high performance cars, exotic cars and recreational vehicles is our specialty. GT3 Interior PicTogether with our brokers, we have negotiated and obtained insurance for those who were not able to obtain coverage from asking their car dealers or calling up just any insurer.

We are a one stop house for such insurance coverage and will scour several insurers for the best rates and terms for the coverage of your performance car or off road vehicle.

Insurance for Continental Performance Cars

We provide cover for the following Continental marques:



Aston Martin


Land RoverMcLaren-P1






and more…


Insurance for Japanese Performance Cars

We also provide cover for the following Japanese models:

Mitsubishi EvolutionEvo Picture

Subaru WRX, including STi versions

Nissan GTR, 350-370Z

Toyota GT86

Honda Civic Type-R (FD2), Integra Type-R (DC-5)

Mazda RX-8


These are some of the cars we can insure – but do ask us even if your car is not listed in the above.

Buying Motor Insurance Cover That You Want for Performance Cars

When buying insurance for performance sports cars, you often do not get what you want – the insurer dictates the terms and conditions and the driver does not often have the luxury of choice of many insurers to choose from, unlike when buying insurance for a common everyday car.

One of the unpopular limitations is that only name drivers may drive, and even then, many insurers often impose this and restrict driving to the owner of the vehicle only.

Age and experience of the driver also plays a big part in the insurance cost and usually those 26 and below and those with less than a certain number of years experience may not be allowed coverage in order to drive.

We are able to help negotiate with the largest insurers directly, if you let us know certain terms you would like included, and get back to you where others would not entertain such requests.

Do contact us or use the form on the right of this page to leave us your information and we will do the necessary to gather some quotes and negotiate cover for your performance motor vehicle. This is the information you should leave us to enable us to quote:


  • Full Name
  • IC number
  • Vehicle licence plate number
  • Date of passing Class 3 driver’s licence
  • Date of birth
  • Marital status
  • Occupation
  • Any accidents in the past three years (if yes, please state the date and amount claimed)

We look forward to getting you on the road, safely covered!