Long Term Van Leasing

Need a commercial vehicle van for your deliveries, transportation, office / house moving business in Singapore? Van rental from SG Cash N Cars can solve your need! Or, you can also consider to purchase one for with a commercial vehicle loan.

Commercial Vehicle Van Rental – Long Term

We offer vans & lorries for long term rental or lease at attractive rates. How do you start on your way to getting the perfect van to do your business with? Here are the steps:

  1. Call / WhatsApp us at 92782880 now to ask for a quotation on our reliable rentals and leasing service. Or use the contact form on the right or below.
  2. Drop by our office to visit and know more about our van rental or lorry leasing terms and conditions. Why? Because not all rentals are the same, it’s in the details!
  3. View the vehicle to see the quality of the van that you are getting – you have got to like it before you drive it!

We are happy to assist and will reply to all queries to give you a friendly, no obligations call and quote.

Available Vehicles For Long Term Lease:

Large Vans

  • Toyota Hiace (diesel, manual) – Currently no stock
  • Toyota Hiace (diesel, automatic) – Available!
  • Nissan Urvan (diesel) – Currently no stock

Medium Vans

  • Toyota Liteace (diesel, manual) – Currently no stock
  • BYD T3 (eccentric, auto) – Available!

Prices start from a low $1380 per month, including all insurance, maintenance, taxes and inspections.

Rental security deposit applies.

Electric van for long term rental
Low cost of fuel? Bocuse it has no need for fuel. Full electric BYD T3 for rental

Additional Requirement for Van Rental

Whilst we like to rent to all drivers with a valid license we are limited in the customers we can rent to due to insurance requirements.

Lessees / Drivers should fulfill the following:

  • Age above 22 years
  • Have a minimum of two years experience.
  • Companies renting for employee use are to submit the licenses of all employees who will drive the vehicle(s) for proper insurance cover