Wildcard Budget Leasing Plan

** Important Note: Sincere thanks to all our past customers on Wildcard. As of 1 January 2016, we are suspending new sign ups for this leasing scheme until further notice


Many dream of driving a different car every now and then. Now you can! All at the budget price that will keep you happy.

Starting from just $1060 per month, with zero down payment (but security deposit required for insurance purposes), you can lease a car from us!*

Wildcard guarantees basic private transportation that works, with the chance of driving several different cars you might not drive if you bought and owned only one car.

At this price, you’ll be amazed that it still covers the taxes, maintenance and (drumroll, please) also the insurance**

So why think further, you’ll not find any other cheaper offer elsewhere. We are convinced that for the budget minded, this is the best offer available in Singapore.

And you must be wondering how this can be true, how the price is even possible when the minimum out there is at least $1300+ for a tiny car – well, it is and the FAQ page may answer some of your questions.

Contact us for your quote now! We only need some simple information from you for insurance purposes and we’ll get back to you in a jiffy.

*Subject to availability. Do understand this is our hottest category!

* *Conditions apply.