Wildcard Plan FAQ

How is it even possible for you to rent out cars at that price?

We rent out all our cars and aim to have no downtime where the car is parked an unused, depreciating away and bringing no utility to users who may need transport. That’s how we maintain our low low prices for the benefit of the lessee (and earn ourselves a small profit along the way). Hence, under this scheme, the company assigns the vehicle to the user. Though the car may not be the model of choice for the user, it most certainly will get you from one place to another and have a working air-conditioner and radio.


What are some of the cars that I may get to drive?

Most commonly, you will receive a compact 4 door sedan which may be Japanese or Continental, or an MPV. Although, we do have certain more interesting cars that you may be lucky enough to get to try out:

Jaguar X-Type

Mazda MX-5

Mercedes E200K

(Certain models may incur additional security deposit/insurance cost)


Do you do short term rentals?

Our shortest standard term is for a year, and you are welcome to ask us if we have anything less than that. We are willing to accommodate so as to keep our cars moving out there. However, the prices may be slightly higher than published here on our website.


Do you lease for more than a year?

Of course! You can renew your lease when the year is up and you have enjoyed driving, hopefully, different cars to your liking! That’s best for us because upon renewal, it is the same $950 per month for the next year.

But, if you really want to save, do ask us about our 2 year Wildcard plan!


It is so cheap, is there anything illegal about the deal? I’ve read about personal rentals where the cost is low, but illegal.

Yes, it’s true that renting a personal vehicle is illegal and that the LTA takes a tough stance on this. The reason is because there is no insurance cover for personal vehicles that are rented out – insurers do not cover car use where the relationship between the owner and driver is a financial one of lessee and lessor. Hence, any incident with the car can have severe repercussions and the driver of the car can be fined and/or jailed.

Our Wildcard Deal is legal and we have the proper insurance to cover the rental of our company’s cars. These cars are registered to our company and not to a personal name and the insurance is taken out under the company.


How do I know this for sure?

We will send you a scanned copy of the insurance cover note/certificate of Insurance for your reference. This will show the company as the policy holder and your name will appear as the named driver.

For those who like to go into the details, you may wish to call the insurer to verify that this cover is indeed in place.


Is there anyone who does not qualify to lease?

We require a valid driving license and driving experience of greater than one year. The age of the driver may be less than 27, however, certain insurance charges may apply. The published rate does not cover this.


What if I’m a foreigner / not a Singaporean?

You are allowed to lease if you have an international driving permit or a valid driving license from your country that is issued in English. You may drive in Singapore up to 12 months without taking additional driving tests required by LTA.

A local Singaporean guarantor may be required for certain nationalities.

We need proof that you are allowed stay in Singapore for the duration of the lease period (such as visa, work permit, MOM letters)


I noticed the starting prices have increased recently?

Yes, since year end of 2014 we have had to increase the cost to cover the insurance rates increase of 20+% on lease insurance charged by our insurers.

When we operate a true budget lease, and keep all costs low, a small increment in any expense requires an adjustment in the prices because we operate only on a thin margin to provide you, our customer, with the best prices in affordable long term leasing.