Car Financing Types In Singapore

Many different types of car financing in Singapore but don’t worry, if it is has four wheels (and sometimes more), we can do it!

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These are some common kinds of car financing we do for our customers.

New or Used Car Financing


This is the first anyone would look at when deciding on a loan: “Which financing institution is going to offer the lowest interest rates!” We cover the full Singapore car financing market, so we have a range of rates and our best now for used cars is at 1.88%! Leave us your details if you wish us to follow up with you and assist:

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    We work with many financing institutions to give you the best rates – there is definitely one package out there suited for you. Even if you are finding difficulties getting your loan approved due to lack of income proof, we can help you. We don’t promise we can surely get you that loan, but from past experience, we can tell you our approval rates are high!

    You can check out here, for tips on how to choose a loan that is suitable for you. There is so much more than interest rates that you should know about before committing to a loan!

    Whether you need financing for a new or used car, contact us to find the loan that suits you. To do loan for COE renewal, read on below.

    COE Renewal Car Financing

    The prudent choice when it comes to saving money, especially if your lovely car is still in tip top shape and runs very well.

    But still considering and thinking about the factors that can affect your car when you renew it? You may want to take a look here for some useful info. And are you thinking which is best, 5 or 10 year renewal? Find out here!

    COE Renewed And Paper To Prove It! Done By SG Cash N Cars

    We also have a whole host of articles that are about COE renewal and how you can save some cash doing it with us because we do PQP monitoring as part of our service for any customer who signs up with us. Why monitor PQP? Does it save you money? Find out here.

    For more info about the latest PQP rates and our predictions for each upcoming month’s PQP before it is announced by LTA, see our Latest Posts below, or on the right side of this page.

    New & Used Commercial Vehicle Loan

    Toyota 10ft Truck

    Loans for vans, lorries and trucks are the common loans that we obtain for our customers, and many of our customers know that these are commercial vehicle loans, which are a different category of loan from car loans.

    However, since the introduction of Grab car and other car hailing services, the line has become confused for most who are not familiar with car finance. Note that for cars used as PHV (private hire vehicles), commercial loans are required. So if your car is currently on a private motor vehicle loan, you bank will not allow conversion to a PHV. To do so, you will need to refinance your car with us – click here for FAQ on how to do so and what it involves.

    And in addition to this, there is now legislation that providers of such a service require a vocational driving license, much like taxi drivers. Besides these, it is also required to purchase commercial insurance for such Z10/11 vehicles, which we also provide at competitive rates from the major insurers.

    Refinancing Your Existing Car

    You need a way to reduce your monthly repayments to keep your car? Speak with us.

    Backed by years of experience, we have specialized in motor financing and will be able to find you a solution.

    So how does car refinancing work and who benefits from it?

    This FAQ on car refinancing might help with some of the questions that you may have about car refinancing and whether it can be done for you in your situation. Whenever in doubt, feel free to contact us!

    More Financing Info

    To afford your car is a little more difficult now than before – take a look at the MAS financial & regulatory restrictions now in place restricting auto loans in the banking industry.

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