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Do you know which month is better to renew your car's COE? Rely on our years of experience - we will provide you with valuable info to make a decision on how to renew at the most opportune time for to maximize your benefit. See Prediction Here!


We are 100% confident of getting your loan approved. If we cannot get your COE renewal loan approved, get your money back!


We keep you updated of the various processes that are required and will inform you with documentary proof at each step, as they are completed, so you know you are well taken care of all the way till renewal is done!

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10:43 04 Jun 20
Hello Everyone, MY name is Sanjay & I’m based overseas for work at the moment & unable to return to Singapore due to the COVID-19. I have just renewed my COE with Jasmine who was my contact person throughout the whole process. My personal experience working with Jasmine was truly amazing & seamless. Her work ethics go beyond the normal as I’m on a 4 hour time difference from home Singapore & Jasmine always accommodated my timing even answering my WATSAPP texts late into the night. I... would recommend working with SG Cash N Cars without any hesitations. They are a very highly dedicated company & always give you the best information & sound advice you need in renewing the COE.This a real review. Jasmine I would like to personally send you The Best Compliments for an Amazing Job Done!!! Thank You for all the time & efforts that you helped me with the seamless process. Keep Up The Great Work!!!read more
Goh Marcus
Goh Marcus
07:28 14 May 20
The best from my experience. Coming from similar trade background, even through difficult times, remote exercise was vital with precise step by step guide. Thanks Robin & Jas
Sin Tan
Sin Tan
05:31 15 Apr 20
Was looking to refinance my car and very pleased to come across Sg Cash N Cars. Robin and Jasmine exceeded the expectations i had. They dealt business with utmost transparency and went the extra mile to find the best deals. Our case was complicated as there were documents to be shipped overseas and back (the covid-19 situation didn't help). The whole process took 3 weeks but they closely followed through till the end. My wife and I are very grateful to meet the both of you. Thank you for... accommodating us and stay safe during this period!read more
Ng Jason
Ng Jason
14:46 25 Mar 20
Robin and Jasmine were very details and patient in the whole process that makes me very assured in refinancing my car with them. They compared quotes and shared with me the best deals and the common mistakes in evaluating quotes. I just chance upon them via Google and did not regret my decision to go with them. I would highly recommend them.
Cash Ong
Cash Ong
06:27 25 Mar 20
In the hunt for COE renewal quotes, Robin and Jasmine were the only ones who replied in an non-automated email template response manner. The first meeting was informative and strangely enjoyable as we would also chit chat about other stuff. What started as a service inquiry ended up with making new friends. PS - it also helped that they were VW enthusiasts 😝 Thanks Guys for helping me keep my beloved baby bug!
Gershon Koh
Gershon Koh
03:00 05 Mar 20
Robin helped me get the best quote for my vehicle, saving me almost 50% from my previous premium. He also negotiated on my behalf to save a few hundred more, which I really appreciate. Thanks Robin for the help, I look forward to engaging your service again in future!
A Google User
A Google User
04:56 27 Feb 20
Jas and Robin helped me with my COE renewal and it was an extremely pleasant experience dealing with them. Keep up the good work and highly recommended!
A Google User
A Google User
05:46 13 Feb 20
Look no further guys Contact them immediately! Professional Transparent Hassle free service by Mr Robin and Jasmine :) Financing my first Commercial Vehicle for Bus Loan with them was a Blissful experience. Thank you Mr Robin & Jasmine for making my dream of buying a bus a Reality!
iskandar jamaluddin
iskandar jamaluddin
04:41 06 Feb 20
Robin and jasmine are professional.Easy and fast transaction.what else can i said 5 star for them for the good job they have done.recommended.
jingxuan lee
jingxuan lee
12:56 22 Jan 20
Our neighbors introduced Both Robin and Jasmine to us and due to time constraint , we had to get our car insurance and COE matter done within a few days. They both had been very great help to us and we managed to settle in within 2 visits. Highly recommended!
Chua Joe
Chua Joe
01:21 20 Dec 19
Robin and his wife were friendly and professional. Although they went on their planned holidays just after they assisted me to submit my car loan application to several finance companies, they still attend to my request via WhatsApp. The transaction was smooth and I am glad to engage them. Thanks Robin and Jasmine for the tasty water melon juice in your office.
Ray Lim ZY
Ray Lim ZY
16:55 08 Nov 19
Thank you Robin and Jasmine for working so hard in securing me the best financing deal for my car which I understand is very rare in Singapore. Highly recommended for all car related matters!
RSR 2016
RSR 2016
06:10 30 Oct 19
Very friendly. Responsive and good. Very satisfied with the services.
Julinar Ishak
Julinar Ishak
10:25 24 Oct 19
Friend recommend me abt this place and feeling delighted about both couple explanation and all goes smooth as plan...trusted place to visit...
Keith Liang
Keith Liang
06:33 24 Oct 19
Glad to have used SG Cash N Cars services. They are very personal, honest and competent. Thank you for providing a excellent experience for me throughout the process. 👍
Ric Sng
Ric Sng
14:44 23 Sep 19
I have decided to used SG Cash & Cars for my COE renewal all because of Robin & Jasmine honesty and sincerity. There was no ambiguity and they explained well. Highly recommend them to you for your car loans and other related business.
Patrick Pu
Patrick Pu
06:14 13 Sep 19
Robin is very experienced & helpful when I approached him. He tried his best to help and provided valuable advice for my needs. I would recommend him to anyone who needs assistance in car financing matters.
Gafar Baba
Gafar Baba
04:17 12 Sep 19
Jasmine was really helpful and professional. Her extensive knowledge in automotive finance helped me in making right decisons that benefits us. Very informative and trustworthy. Highly recommended.
04:59 11 Sep 19
SG CASH N CARS are super efficient, honest & friendly! They gave expert advice, helped with the paperwork, and also guided me "step-by-step" through the online processing in the authority's portal.
Casey Goh
Casey Goh
01:06 30 Aug 19
Good recommendation to a local car workshop when my back wheel suspension fell apart and needed repair. The repair job cost was reasonable. Thank you.
Syed Syaril
Syed Syaril
08:43 21 Aug 19
Was a fast and pleasant transaction from Robin's and his wife although our submission was quite complicated but they were the one who makes thing look easy. Thanks for the fuss free transaction!!
Gabriel Foo
Gabriel Foo
07:10 25 Jul 19
Robin and his wife were very friendly and approachable:) They are willing to spend time to explain the terms and conditions to you if you are unsure. Besides, they are also knowledgeable and very prompt to reply. Fast and good service:) I would highly recommend them to anyone:)
Richard OKP
Richard OKP
16:01 19 May 19
Robin and his wife provided me with their honest advice which allowed me to make a wise decision. They are really friendly and efficient. Still remembered my first meeting with them which turned into a casual chit-chat session as if we have known each other for years! That's how amiable they are. I was able to get prompt replies and updates from them which saves me a lot of time. Would definitely recommend their services to anyone.
Melvin Tan
Melvin Tan
07:15 30 Apr 19
What started as a simple text enquiry for COE renewal for our Toyota Wish, turned into us getting a new car instead. We’re extremely glad that we came across Robin and Jasmine, as the advices and service provided was exceptional. They were patient and attended to all our queries and needs, also helping us to secure the best deal both for loans and insurance. Definitely recommend them for any automobile related services, if you have any request, just drop them a call or pop by their cosy... office. I’m sure they’ll be more than glad to attend to your queries!read more
Lim Benny
Lim Benny
10:19 25 Apr 19
Very very happy with Robin and Jasmine. Their style and approach was personable yet professional. Truly upfront with no hidden costs to surprise you. Transparent and honest and follow up was prompt and timely. Highly recommended for true efficiency and personalised service. Six star recommendation hands down.
Zulkifli Mohd Ain
Zulkifli Mohd Ain
16:47 19 Apr 19
Had recently renewed my COE for 10 years. Great dedicated team & helpful. Thanks to Robin & Jasmine for your clear breakdown explanation & updates on my renewal process. Conveniently nearby to my workplace too! i can continue enjoying driving my favourite car now! Good Work & Keep it Up guys!👍👍👍
Lin Jiahong
Lin Jiahong
12:45 03 Apr 19
To Robin and Jasmine: Fast response, Dropped them a text over the weekend and received a reply on my query next working day morning. Good and honest advice on the market situation, giving me good information to make my own decision. Friendly, helpful and explained to me the whole process during the appointment. Efficient in processing my coe renewal when I decided to go ahead. Very pleasant 1 stop service and really hassle free, shared their experiences with me and will go back to them... for future car related services! Cheers!read more
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Your Car COE is Near Expiry! What Should You Do Next?

Many of us in Singapore take good care of our cars and many of our 10-year-old cars are still in good condition!

What should you do when your cars reach 10 years old? This is a common dilemma that many car owners in Singapore face.

You may be quite relieved to hear that you can get a COE renewal loan, and that there are ways to help you save on the Prevailing Quota Premium (PQP), which is the moving average of the COE prices that you need to pay to LTA, in order to renew COE.

Yes, it’s technical and complicated and some people get confused. But we have assisted customers with renewals since before COE renewals became a mainstream choice, helping owners from since 2013 before COE renewals became a popular choice.

You really want only the best people to assist you with this – like every significant financial decision that is made, it could cost you more if someone inexperienced handles the transaction for you! Renewing at the right time can save you thousands, and late renewals can cost you hundreds in late fees and late taxes!

The good news is, you only need to contact us to get our assistance! We can help you renew COE and arrange the renewal loan for you, while likely saving you cash by monitoring the PQP, and do all the tedious paperwork that is required for you!

Car Love COE Renewal PQP Loan customer

Renew the COE Save That Road Worthy Car (or Commercial Vehicle)

Paying the applicable COE PQP for your vehicle and you are good to stay on the road for the next 5 or 10 years! And it is not difficult, with our help!

We have done so many calculations for our customers – it will cost you less to renew the COE than purchasing a brand-new car, even with the increased maintenance and road taxes of a car greater than 10 years old! Many of our customers have remarked that with the savings in yearly depreciation, they can use the savings for a holiday!

Don’t wait any longer! If you have decided to renew the COE, the only question left is, do you renew for another 5-year or 10-year period, and what are the consequences if you choose one over the other? Click on the link to read more we hoep the info helps you to decide.

More about Commercial Vehicle Renewal.

With the COE renewal PQP price not being an insignificant amount (PQP is not the same as current COE price) – you may wish to get a PQP loan to help in the financing and making the payment to the LTA. (You may like to check the latest COE PQP rates and PQP calculation here and from there consider if you would wish to apply for a loan)

But where can you go to get a loan for renewal? Which is the best bank loan for COE renewal? Well, the honest answer is – As far as we know, no bank that you approach directly for a COE loan will offer you a COE renewal loan.

However, this is where SG Cash N Cars can help you out.  We have successfully helped many car owners in Singapore secure financing of COE at a competitive loan interest rate, and you can depend on us to help you get yours too. We are not just saying we are the best, our customers think so too! Check us out on Facebook and Google Maps for reviews from those who have used our services – you can expect the same fuss free, smooth processing that they have experienced.

So Much Hassle To Renew COE!

With insurance, road tax, inspection, PQP payment & queuing at LTA all to be done about the same time, is it causing stress? No more worries about the many processes required, apply for renewal with us & just carry on driving!

Easy Process For COE Renewal Loan Application

Call us by pressing the green call button (during office hours), WhatsApp us (anytime) or leave us your number on the contact form at the bottom of the page to let us know how we can help you!

We only need your signatures on a few forms and copies of the below mentioned documents when we meet. Map to our address is at the bottom of this page.

Do bring along the following:

NRIC Identity Card

Proof of Income – this can be CPF contributions for 12 months or IRAS Notice of Assessment for latest two years

Vehicle Log Info – this is a letter with vehicle details from LTA when you first bought the car


Insurance Renewal Offer Letter – So we can search for search for lower cost insurance for you!

Driving License

For more information and frequently asked questions, click here.

COE Car Loan Is of Approved Type for Civil Servants

We only provide hire purchase (HP) car loans by registered finance companies, approved by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, that comply with the government’s regulatory requirement. We do not process personal loans, and so, civil servants may apply with us for their (HP) car loans with peace of mind and at no risk to their jobs.

Contact us…

By using the link above or calling (65)9278-2880, and leave us the following info for us to assist:

  • Car owner’s name
  • Owner’s NRIC or passport number used in registration of the vehicle
  • COE expiry date (we will give you priority if COE is expiring soon)
  • Write your request, e.g.: “COE renewal wanted”

Please help us to reach you sooner by leaving us your contact number – many of our customers do not receive our replies by email due to their spam mail settings, and this may delay us from reaching you on time for COE renewal.

Maximum Loan Tenure

For the COE loan, please note that we the longest loan period is for:

  • 7 years (84 installments) for a 10 year COE renewal
  • 5 years (60 installments) for a 5 year COE renewal

Ask us about our service to help customers monitor and save money on your COE renewal PQP. To find out more, you can reach us directly by calling Robin at (65)9278-2880 (please send by SMS after office hours & we will call you back, soon as possible) for more information on our competitive COE loan interest rates, minimum and maximum amount of loan, documents required to apply for the COE PQP loan and so on.

We are here to help you keep that which is worth keeping! Contact us today for the best COE renewal loan available in Singapore.

Image of a car pending COE renewal

5 star review  Prompt and excellent service from SG Cash n Cars. Would definitely recommend to others.

Adam Haris Avatar Adam Haris
July 22, 2015

positive review  Great advisor. Great at explaining info’s. Very straight forward couple. A perfect place for all your troubles in Car! 👍🏾

Solomon Kor Avatar Solomon Kor
March 28, 2019

5 star review  Bought the Vezel from Robin, he has been very attentive and patient in answering my queries. Though there were some hiccups on the delivery, he is not pushing away and went the extra miles to help recover the position. At the end, a happy Vezel owner giving a review here. Pricing is not the best, but definitely reasonable. The whole process has been very transparent. Thank you, Robin.

Loon Keong Avatar Loon Keong
February 27, 2016

5 star review  Impressive service delivery. Both thumb up for Robin and Jasmine on their informative and prompt responses. Greatly appreciated for the assistance. Well done and best wishes from Tim CHEW for your company to soar to greater heights.

Chew Teck Leng Avatar Chew Teck Leng
June 22, 2018

positive review  Excellent service and efficience from Robin and Jasmine! Provide with one stop service, will definitely recommend my friends for their good service. Keep it up guys! Good job!

Mah William Avatar Mah William
September 15, 2018

5 star review  I was looking for a company to rent a car. stumbled upon Cash n Cars in Carousel.After comparing wif other companies, Jasmine gave me a price which is the lowest among the rest!Transaction was a breeze and the car was in a good condition.I would highly recommend Cash N Cars to anyone who is looking for rental car. Great customer service and affordable price.Thank you Jasmine!!

Farhan Fawzi Avatar Farhan Fawzi
June 28, 2017

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