What Is COE PQP Monitoring?

Definition: A proprietary SG Cash N Cars method, a carefully calculated plan, to optimize our customer’s chances of paying a lower price to renew COE, given the available chances (PQP months) they have left.


These are facts that you should be aware of:

We call this…

FACT 0 (because everyone already knows): Every month, the COE PQP renewal price is different.

If COE renewal price is always a flat rate price, month to month the same, then the graph would look like a straight flat horizontal line. There would be no skill needed, and no chance of savings, no matter when your COE expires, just choose to renew at the end of the current COE.

But because the PQP goes up and down every month, it can make a big difference when you pay! The more difference there is between the months, the more you can save by choosing the right month!

Below you see some of the recent months PQP prices, and note the difference is up to five figures month-to-month.

FACT 1: You can pay your vehicle’s renewal COE PQP before the month of expiry.

We know of a friend who paid for his two vehicles’ COE five years before the expiry and forfeit the remaining five years of COE and benefitted from that!

Sadly, there are many who do not know this and do their renewal only on the month of their car expiry, to their $ loss!

If you did a little searching you will find this fact about early renewal, but why are there not more people benefiting themselves using this method?

The “Don’t Want To Waste” Mentality

When renewing, one has to forfeit the remaining time left on your current COE. People fear losing out on using the unused portion of the current COE. There is a value to the remaining COE, is there not? Yes, we know there is! And there is a simple and logical way to deal with this.

No Standby Funds To Pay

The renewal cost has always been in the tens of thousands, and recently hundred over thousand for large cars. If you don’t have this amount on standby, even if you thought it was a good time to renew, you would miss paying it at the right time. Because…

FACT 2: You cannot pay your vehicle’s renewal COE PQP using the past month’s COE renewal price.

Once you miss it, it is gone. You need to have the funds ready!

No Way of Knowing If It’s A Good Time To Renew

Many car owners busy with their own business and work do not have the time to systematically analyse and calculate and test their theory on when is a good time to renew their COE. There is simply no motivation to do so for one, or even two, of your own vehicles, even if you could potentially save possibly $10k. Why? Because it’s a long-term analysis, month by month, over years, that gives the overall picture. And time-consuming creation of a calculation methodology based on that understanding, and further back testing to prove it works, or at least have a majority chance of success!

That is Precisely What SG Cash N Cars Has Devised!

We started processing COE renewals for our customer 10 years ago. From the many years of our renewing COE for our customers, we have done exactly what we described above for them. And we can do the same to help you to find the optimal month to renew your car COE*.

We not only help you with calculating and forecasting the renewal PQP payable, we also make sure you have pre-approval on your car loan so our funds are on standby ready to be paid to LTA on your behalf.

This PQP monitoring is valuable! And it is an included part of our service for our COE Renewal Package. (Please note: we are only able to give PQP Monitoring Advice to customers signed on with us in the COE Renewal Package)

While others who promise to help you with COE renewal collect an admin fee and proceed to do not much else besides making your paperwork go through, they hardly care whether you pay for renewal at a better month or not.

Do not be afraid, we update all our signed-on customers regularly. Keeping them informed of COE bidding prices and how the COE renewal PQP has changed due to the bidding. (Tip: Did you know that there are two bids a month but only one PQP price per month?)

Timely and important information shared with customers

As our customer, you always make the decision on when to renew.

We advise, but you make the decision – an informed decision backed by our calculation and forecasted prediction that will help you to save!

Over the history of our service, we have helped scores of our customers, who over the years have all saved on their COE renewals. Here is an old article proving we have analyzed and refined our calculation over years, for the sake of those who entrusted us with their COE renewal.

What we want is for you to win at COE renewal!

Service That’s Earnest And Sincere

We really do want you to save and pay less and that is what we are most proud of in the COE renewal cases we processed – that we have successfully helped our customers where possible.

Do you really want to just pay a fee and email your application forms, NRIC and proof of income documents at other companies? We could also do that, here is our email address: Contact@sgcashncars.com

Or, would you prefer to sit down with real people face-to-face, who are keen to help and to advise you on your car issues, and show you the logic behind the decision making, to renew or not to renew your COE? If so, then we are the ones who are here to help for you.

After all, this is the second most expensive item for most of us in Singapore. You want to get it done right!

Contact us via WhatsApp button (quicker response) or using the form on this page, and sooner rather than later, to maximize your renewal months remaining!