Too Late COE Renewal

We have been asked a lot about when is the correct time to apply for a COE renewal, and our standard answer is at least two weeks before expiry and the best time is actually in the month prior to the month of expiry. Why? Because you can choose to renew at a cheaper rate.

To help you remember, LTA sends out letter reminders with the Q02 form (like below) about one month ahead of time.

Q02 Pg 1

But even then, many owners forget their actual expiry date, and ask us how late is too late.

You might be surprised, we can renew your COE after it expires!


Q02 Late Fee Pg 2

Come to us, we will be able to do so for you, the LTA fees charged for late renewals are shown on the reverse side of the Q02 form, ranging from $50 upwards. It increases with the cc of the engine. Though there are these late charges, this is still insignificant as compared to the cost of having to buy a new car and having to tow (yes, because it cannot be driven) your old one to the scrapyard.

So if you are late? Don’t worry, contact us for help by using the form on the right! Or call / SMS 92782880 during office hours, we are happy to assist.


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