Customers Who Refinanced With Us

Your car need not be an expensive or luxury car in order to be refinanced – we are able to help most who have vehicles, including commercial vans, or vehicles registered under companies, where the market value of the vehicle is greater than their current outstanding loan. Many who have used our service are glad they have approached us and we can help you with yours too.

Here are some of the people we have helped with their car refinancing needs:

Mr. James, owner of a luxury goods business, with of a one year old Volvo XC90 T5, refinanced the car for business cash flow for an amount of $180,000:

“Some needed cash to pay off contractors”

Mr. James received cash in ten days.


Mr. Pat, a director of sales, with of a two year old Mercedes Benz GLC200, did refinancing for the car for an amount of $135,000:

“This will help out as I wait for payment from completed projects”

Mr. Pat received cash in ten days.


Mr. Thev, owner of a two year old Toyota Harrier, refinanced for the amount of $60,000:

“The monthly is now a more easy going amount, and I can settle some credit card bills.”

Mr. Thev got his loan approved, processed and balance amount  in eight days.


Mr. Chew, owner of Totota Corolla 1.6A, who was in need of some additional cash for a short period only for some year-end spending, refinanced his car for $8000:

“Thanks, I will repay the loan in full sooner rather than later. It’s only for short term. Good to know that I can also get a loan for renewing COE. Let’s keep in touch, since my Corolla is coming to 10 years and if the COE is at the right price, I will renew.”

Mr. Chew received cash within a week.


Mdm. Tan, owner of a fully paid Jaguar XF 3.0A V6, needed extra cash due to carry out business, re did her motor loan for a sum of $60,000:

“Thanks so much for doing the loan, it saved me money on the interest. The other place where I went to ask was charging 4% and so I was hesitating. So glad I called you again.”

Mdm. Tan’s loan loan was processed within 3 days.


Mr. Liu, a civil servant, refinanced his Mitsubishi Lancer 1.5A Mivec:

“It’s good to know somewhere we can have access to such financing. Other places it’s not so easy. I will introduce your service to others who may need it.”

Mr. Liu’s loan was approved and disbursed in 4 working days.


Mr. Chai, a businessman, refinanced one of his cars, a Mercedes C200 Kompressor to further his business:

“You know, business needs. How fast can I get the loan?”

Happily for a very busy Mr. Chai, it was processed in 3 working days.


Mr. Mohd. F, owner of a contracting company, refinanced a Lancer 1.6M for $23,000. 

He initially asked about our services some time ago before coming back to us to apply for the re loan two months later – nothing else out there is better than what we offer for re doing your car loan.


Mr. Gan, an engineering contractor, did a loan on his Honda Civic 1.8A which was fully paid for a total of $52,000.

Customer refinanced the car twice, returning about ten months after the first loan, due to business cash flow needs and we helped him again.


Maybe We Can Help You Too

We often get queries, some we admittedly cannot assist, but other who thought they did not qualify for a loan found they could get much needed cash by refinancing their car.

Contact us to find out if you can, by using the WhatsApp button or sending us your info using the form on the right. We will get back to you soon!