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These are the latest rates for car loans for new cars, updated as and when the latest updates are received from lenders.

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Please refer to any other terms and conditions that may apply for each lender.

Current rates were updated on 15th May 2016. For immediate assistance, please call 92782880 or click on the ‘contact us’ button below.

Best Deal Now:

The best deal now is from Maybank at 2.78%! Not wanting to be behind Maybank, as of 6th of January 2016, DBS has also followed suit and lowered the rate for new cars from 2.98% to 2.78%.

Singapura Finance has moved rates upwards and also shortened their maximum tenure to only three years.

There is low visibility now as to where interest rates will be headed given the macro-economic situation.

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Singapura Finance

Term (Years)12345
Interest (%)3.08%3.08%3.08%
Conditions:Minimum loan amount $15,000
Not applicable for company cars/vehicles
Excluding Malaysia and China made vehicles
GIRO payment compulsory


Term (Years)12345
Interest (%)2.78%2.78%2.78%2.78%2.78%
Conditions:Minimum loan amount $10,000


Term (Years)12345
Interest (%)2.78%2.78%2.78%2.78%2.78%
Conditions:Minimum loan amount $15,000

In House

Term (Years)12345
Interest (%)2.98%2.98%2.98%2.98%2.98%
Conditions:Minimum loan amount $20,000
Additional Admin fee of $500 applies
Lowest available rate at 2.98%
Uber & Grab vehicles may apply but rates may be higher

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