Step-By-Step Registration Guide for Malaysia’s Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP)

Almost everyone who owns a car is talking about registering for VEP so that they can cross customs and drive into Malaysia. One of the great joys of owning a vehicle is the ability to go for driving holiday up north is it not?

VEP registration is quite standard if you have a car with COE that is not running out anytime soon. Pretty standard because that is what the Malaysian JPJ expects – a valid COE with more than 6 months to expiry, just like your passport. And in case you have not tried to do so before or have tried but was frustrated with the process, we will show you below step-by-step how VEP registration is done.

Questions For Cars Which Have COE Expiry Coming Soon

However, if you have a car with COE coming to expiry, for which you intend to renew, you may have other question such as:

My car COE is expiring soon, can cars register for VEP just before COE renewal?

How do I register VEP for my car that is going to expire soon?

Will the JPJ system allow it?

We will come to that in the later part of this article. First, let us go through the steps for standard car registration.

Things to Prepare Before Attempting to Register For VEP

The registration process would go more smoothly with these two items first prepared:

Car Log Card – There is no need for a printed one, the electronic version in pdf would do. In case you are still wondering, the whole registration is done online. Don’t know where to get your car log? Just log in with your Singpass at //

Vehicle Insurance Certificate – You will need your insurer name, policy number and the coverage expiry dates.

And if you have the above, then you are ready to start!

Registering for VEP

First, go to // and this is what you will see

JPJ VEP Registration Home Page

Key in your details including email address and press that Sign Up button. The system will send you an email which you can retrieve to get to the next step, which is to click on their link to activate the account. You email should look like this:

JPJ Account Activation Email

After you have activated, log in and you will see the following, there are four steps as shown by the circles at the top of the page.

First step requires you to key in your vehicle information. Select the correct vehicle type, registration origin and ownership type.
VEP Process Step 1

Step two, you choose your type of registration, which for most of us would be for registration of own vehicle.

VEP Process Step 2

Step three, you key in registration details.

Note that there are two tabs – ownership details would be your personal details. We recommend that you register using your NRIC instead of passport number as passport number can change. This also helps to tie up with the eWallet for Touch ‘n Go later as a mismatch in passport number will stop the link up of the eWallet App and you will not be able to use it. So do not register VEP with one ID number and the e Wallet with another ID number.

eWallet Touch'nGo

And yes, this is the important part where we had asked you to Have your full log card ready. Make sure your pdf looks like this.

Sample pdf Log Card

Click on the second tab (grey) to go to fill in vehicle details. Most of the info will be automatically filled in when you upload your pdf vehicle log using the Choose File button, except the number of axles and tyres, road tax expiry, original registration date, ownership date and insurance details which you need to key in on your own.

VEP Registration Process Vehicle Details Tab

This is where you click Choose File to upload your pdf log card.

VEP Process Upload Vehicle Log Choose File

Click on Save button whenever you want to save or when all info is keyed in. After all info is filled in, click Continue and you will see this screen.

VEP Details Saved Screen

You can download the confirmation slip immediately or go back to your email another time to find the confirmation email (see below).

VEP registration Confirmation Slip Email

If you did not print the VEP Confirmation Slip immediately, from the above email, click on the link and log in. Click on the Download button for the Confirmation Slip.

VEP Confirmation Slip Download

Here is what the VEP confirmation slip looks like. It’s probably a good idea to print and place it in the glove box.

VEP Confirmation Slip

How We Registered VEP For Cars With Less Than 6 Months COE Left For Our Customers

Now for those cars with COE expiring soon… Here’s how we did it for our customer.

We first did our usual sign up & log in at JPJ // . But for cars expiring soon, an extra step is needed later on if you have earlier registered before your COE renewal. In your original registration with a COE that is expiring soon you would have seen a screen that shows this:

VEP for COE Insufficient Cars

It is to alert you that the car’s COE is less than JPJ expects. If you have come to this part, no worries, just print out the VEP confirmation slip in case you wish to enter Malaysia before your COE renewal.

To fix this problem, you will need to come to the system once more to click on update to edit to the latest COE expiry date after the car renewal is done. We believe that your VEP may expire also if you do not update your extended COE date. You can do so only after you have renewed COE.

And So, After COE Renewal VEP Update

We start again with the same sign up then log in process using the email link as above for standard registration (you can refer to the above instructions up to the part where you Choose File to upload the car log info in pdf format)

After login you will get to this below screen. Click on Update and…

VEP Process for COE Renewed Car

proceed to the vehicle information tab to upload the pdf log information, select Choose File and this time upload your updated log showing extended COE.

After uploading, you have to amend the COE expiry date manually as well. Having keyboard warrior fingers and patience is needed here to click forward to the year of your new COE expiry (either 5 or 10 years from now!) as the system doesn’t allow the date to be keyed in! One click is one month forward, maybe this is just for Safari…

VEP Process Update New COE Expiry Date

And when you are done with keying in the rest of the info (you need to key in your new insurance info as well) click Save then Continue and the system will show the following:

VEP Info Showing Update COE Expiry Date

In this above screen, check that the info is now correct in the COE Expiry Date field and click to declare the info is correct and to agree to their terms and conditions and click Submit.

After submitting and make sure you get an alert box like this and check your registered email for another confirmation email.

VEP COE Expiry Update Alert

Give yourself a High-5 when you see this screen as you have completed the registration a second time by now! Well, no choice right? COE had to be renewed. You may download and print immediately the VEP Confirmation Slip as shown.

Option to Print VEP Confirmation Slip


Hurray! With this confirmation, you should be able to get past Malaysia customs without fine. Print and keep a copy of the confirmation slip and insurance certificate in your glove box. No action is needed until further notice from the JPJ Malaysia to install the VEP RFID.

Before we did the car’s renewal of COE, our customer’s VEP Confirmation Slip looked like this with the COE expiry showing 2019.

Confirmation Slip of Car with COE expiring soon


This is the renewed COE car’s VEP after updating. COE expiry showing 2029! And of course, our customer whom we did COE renewal and this process for was very satisfied! Why satisfied? Because we do all paperwork at the point in time that is required for our customers together with their COE renewal financing loan – from road tax payment to conversion from OPC to normal to even VEP updating for them! Is that admin fee that you are paying others inclusive of all that your car may require at the time of renewal? At SG Cash N Cars, we cover it all!

VEP Confirmation Slip With Updated COE Expiry


Find out why we are the best service in Singapore for COE renewals by signing up with us for your COE renewal loan. Many have come through our doors and left with smiles and as friends!

Shafi Thumbs Up With A Renewed COE Hyundai from SG Cash N Cars