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Car Recall | 7 Things to Know About Vehicle Recalls

You bought a new car or a used one off a used car dealer’s lot that is undergoing a recall exercise by the manufacturer. You got to know through a letter in the mail or maybe from a friend driving

Car Expense: How to Know How Much You Pay?

Happy SG Cash N Cars Customer

Car ownership in Singapore is a significant expense. If you want to save some of this substantial expense, then you got to read this. So how do you calculate your budget and expense on the car if you are working

Refinancing Car Loan Helps Relieve TDSR

Shafi Thumbs Up With A Renewed COE Hyundai from SG Cash N Cars

Total Debt Servicing Ratio – often abbreviated as TDSR – this one loan assessment criteria often stops the banks from granting you further loans for any purchases or spending, whether for housing, renovation, car or any other purchase that requires

August to September PQP Fluctuation

We do PQP monitoring for our customers, and this below is some of the info that we look at to advise them on which month to renew – customers who intend to renew their COE obviously want to pay on

Car Refinancing The Best Choice For When You Need Some Cash?

Whether it is for something such as a holiday or for unexpected opportunities for investment or, touch wood, an urgent medical need – it always pays (literally!) to know where you can go to to get some cash to solve

Common Questions About Car Refinancing That We Get Asked

We hope this helps those who are considering refinancing your vehicle or vehicles, because yes, it can be done. And it is way better than taking a loan from a licensed money lender for several reasons, not least because the

Common Questions About COE Renewal We Get Asked

There are many little secrets about COE renewal – we get asked these question quite often by people who are wondering about renewal of their COE – these are some of the common questions we get asked, and our answers.

Best Car for COE Renewal

Is there such a thing as best car for COE renewal? Here’s another tip for you when considering renewal – one that you may not have considered or known about! The situation is different for each individual person so I’m

Half Month PQP?

Confused? We were too, until we found out why! Back story to this starts from the COE fall for Cat A for the first bid of September 2017 to only $36,001 – a seven year low, at levels last seen

Saving on PQP: “Smart Is Good, Don’t Add Smart”

Interesting concept popped up when from a chat with a customer keen to renew his car’s COE – he confidently claimed that he can still renew his car next month, even though the expiry was this month. That’s true actually

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