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COE Renewal Price | Prediction for August 2019

Not holding back, here we go! We are going into good times for those with COE renewals upcoming! The prices are expected to fall in all categories, from Cat A to C, by four figure sums, with the greatest drop

COE Renewal Price | Results for July 2019

Folks looking to renew COE, it’s a mixed bag of results this month, the COE renewal price has gone down for two categories and gone up for Cat A. Clearly, those who have Cat A vehicles expiring in the month

COE Renewal Price | Prediction for July 2019

It’s been a time of unstable COE bidding prices – how does all this factor into COE renewal for the coming month of July 2091? With sharp rise in prices in Round 1 and 2 bidding of April 2019, and

COE Renewal Price | Results for June 2019

We are quite a bit off from the actual COE renewal price in the prediction which we made for the month of June 2019 in our previous article. COE Renewal Price | Prediction for June 2019 We are not happy

COE Renewal Price | Prediction for June 2019

April’s COE bidding was a shock to many, with all four-wheeled categories going up for both bids of the month. If you haven’t seen the graphs and arrow indicators at websites updating the COE results for last month, well, its

COE Renewal Price | Result for May 2019

If you have been following the COE bids for the last two sessions in the month of April and are hoping you will be able to renew at a lower COE renewal price for the month of May 2019, abandon

COE Renewal Price | Prediction for May 2019

Panic buying of COE in fear of a quota reduction

The price movement for the first COE bidding for the month of April has been nothing short of surprising, with both Cat A and B moving upwards significantly. This upward movement was beyond what we had expected. We are in

COE Renewal Price | Result for April 2019

Is it a sea of red, prices rising in all the categories? Yes, it is, with Cat B more hurting on the pocket so than the others. For the record this was our prediction for the April COE renewal pricing

COE Renewal Price | Prediction for April 2019

We can feel the change in the tide. The levels have fallen for more than a year, and we are at the turning point where the COE renewal prices are headed upwards. If you are having a car come up

PQP Result for March 2019

Shafi Thumbs Up With A Renewed COE Hyundai from SG Cash N Cars

This is an anxious time for those who are waiting to renew their cars as the COE bids have gone up across the board for all categories except for bikes in Cat D! So if you are the owner of