We have had quite a bit of interruption to our lives recently and this has extended to car COE bidding and COE renewals as well. LTA has taken unprecedented action to have bidding halted in the month of April 2020. …

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The COE ups and downs are euphoria for some, scary for others, depending on which side of the COE fence you are on!

We have been saying it was exciting times for COE bids and renewals – and of course it is! Especially when we see a large drop in COE prices in the first bid exercise of February 2020, there is always worry on one side (dealers looking to sell their used cars fearful their prices have to be slashed), and gleeful hand-rubbing on the other side (those looking to purchase a new car soon). So of these different groups, who will stand to benefit and who loses out? Let’s find out!

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Is the money looking up? Happy Chinese New Year to you all, may your money be up and up! But COE levels looking the same?

The prices for COE bidding have just ended yesterday, and this is an interesting time of the year where this is probably the last bid for dealers to secure COE for those who are awaiting car deliveries before the Chinese …

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