We are entering in to Chinese New Year period and for some, also into COE Renewal Period.

As was expected, this last COE bid for the month of January 2021 was an upward push again, especially for the commercial vehicle category C COE, which we have foreseen the huge reduction in number of COE quota in our …

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Hamilton with 7 championships still rising further? Our COE renewal prices risen from depths of CB, now still going up?

What did most people expect of the COE for the latest bid of November 2020, coming on the back of the announcement in the news of increased COE quota for the November 2020 to January 2021 quarter? (Available COE quantity …

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Singapore Cars on the Shears Bridge headed east towards Changi and west into town. Are we on a point where our COE is neither headed north nor south for a while?

It was announced in the news that the COE quota had been increased, but will this mean a lower COE price for new cars, and over time a lower COE renewal price? Over time, because PQP for COE renewal is …

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This car set the record for fastest climb at Pikes Peak, and we are seeing a fast climb in COE renewal prices too

In the latest October 2nd round COE bid which some news outlets have called as a mixed result. However, we fear that, for the readers of this update here interested in COE renewal prices, it is all up, up for …

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COE slowing or just taking a corner & picking up speed again?

Finally, some reprieve in the rise for COE prices after straight rises, but the relief is only slight consolation. After four straight rises for Cat A, the latest upward momentum has taken a breather and Cat A is lower in …

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