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Latest news on car financing in Singapore

Car Refinancing The Best Choice For When You Need Some Cash?

Whether it is for something such as a holiday or for unexpected opportunities for investment or, touch wood, an urgent medical need – it always pays (literally!) to know where you can go to to get some cash to solve

Common Questions About Car Refinancing That We Get Asked

We hope this helps those who are considering refinancing your vehicle or vehicles, because yes, it can be done. And it is way better than taking a loan from a licensed money lender for several reasons, not least because the

Common Questions About COE Renewal We Get Asked

There are many little secrets about COE renewal – we get asked these question quite often by people who are wondering about renewal of their COE – these are some of the common questions we get asked, and our answers.

June PQP 2018 And Near Term Outlook

Interesting how the PQP looks at the moment as we are seeing the PQP rise for the first time in quite some time. COE bids always lead the PQP results, so this means a stabilization of Cat A? The results

May 2018 PQP Results

Similar consecutive drops in the PQP for Cat B up to May 2018

We are at the time of April where we are able to calculate the May 2018 PQP results and here are the confirmed figures: Cat A May PQP $38,192 for 10 years, $19,096 for 5 years Cat B May PQP  $38,712

PQP Direction for May 2018

Well here we are after the first bid of the month of April – and we do get a number of calls asking how that has affected the PQP. Short answer is – nothing has happened! Yet. That’s because there

April 2018 PQP Results

The COE has just closed for the second bid of March 2018, and that means the PQP for April is now out. Drum roll please, because this is going to be good news for those who are renewing their COE!

PQP Rates for the February 2018

Cat A PQP Trend

This is a public service announcement. No, really. It seems the SG Carmart website that usually calculates and announces the PQP levels has stopped doing so even though the February PQP rates can be calculated at this moment in time.

PQP Direction for February 2018

How’s the start to your new year in 2018? Hope all is well with you! We previously predicted a rise in the PQP for the month of January 2018 compared with December of 2017. Well, sometimes it is unexpected, even

PQP Going Up in Jan 2018?

Unfortunately, we do think so, especially for Category A. PQP for COE renewals come January 2018 is going to be higher than December 2017 unless the second bid coming for Cat A cars in December is lower than $36,000, which