So what exactly do you look out for in a hire purchase car loan besides interest rates?

There is whole lot more to getting a car loan that you thought! We do car loans and financing, and the most common question we get is “What is the interest rate?” It’s so common that the layman in the …

Top 5 Car Loan Terms & Conditions That Can Cost You More Than Interest Rates Read more »

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Is this what we see in the coming months for COE renewal?

As it happens, this article was about to come to public view only a few days later, but we felt the need to rush it out for the benefit of all those who are having cars with COE renewal in …

COE Renewal Price | PQP Prediction for November 2019 Read more »

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COE is mixed in latest bidding exercise, but not as cute as this mixed breed

So how did it go at this latest bidding? They are calling it mixed, and we had predicted a drifting lower, as there has been no changes in the quota, and no driving force behind COE demand, but that’s not …

COE Renewal Price | Results for October 2019 Read more »

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