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Predicted COE Renewal Price for March 2019

Where will PQP or COE renewal prices head to in the coming month of March 2019? We have just celebrated the Chinese New Year and had the New Year rush by many dealerships to deliver cars to their customers. Did

PQP Result for February 2019

The results are out for month of February 2019 PQP! And broadly speaking we were right as to the direction each Cat has moved: COE for Cat A is down, Cat B is up and Cat C is down These

PQP Prediction for February 2019

With all the factors affecting the COE bids and their pricing, and the recent events like the motor show and Chinese New Year rolling around real soon, how are these going to affect us in the short or immediate future

Review for 2018 COE & PQP Prediction for February 2019

It’s the beginning of the year, and while we are still looking forward to Chinese New Year, let’s take a short glance back at 2018 before we move ahead with our first prediction this year for the month of February

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PQP Result for January 2019

Into the new year and here we go. Well, not really 2019 yet but we know the price for the COE renewal if your car expires in January of 2019, here are the results: Cat A $26,047 Down by $1,524

PQP Prediction for January 2019

So soon after we did the announcement for 2018 December PQP and we are going into the new year! Its hard to believe we on the verge of 2019 already! We hope it has been as good a year for

PQP Result for December 2018

It’s out and if you are looking to renew your car, you will be happy to see the results below! These are the results for the month of December 2018: Cat A $27,571 Down by $2,099 compared to the month

PQP Prediction for December 2018

It’s the last month of the year and we are past the first bid of November 2018. As of the date of this writing, we have 5 more days till November’s second COE bid and aren’t you all eager to

COE Renewal PQP Has Been Falling Since Start of 2018

Is this the best time to renew your car? We have seen months of decline, in fact, the whole of 2018 till now has seen monthly declines, with exception of May to June Cat A, where there was a small

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Car Expense: How to Know How Much You Pay?

Happy SG Cash N Cars Customer

Car ownership in Singapore is a significant expense. If you want to save some of this substantial expense, then you got to read this. So how do you calculate your budget and expense on the car if you are working