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Pre-Owned Cars that will give you personal transport at less depreciation than from new!

Cheap Cheap Cheap Used Cars

Not that I’m saying there is no chance of you spotting a bargain used car and saving a few thousand on that purchase, but caveat emptor, you are responsible for checking your purchase. In Singapore, cars do not vary too

Pre-owned E200 Kompressor

Mercedes E200 Kompressor (2008) There was a time when the silvers star meant a premium brand in Singapore, and no doubt it still does. Though there is the loss of some prestige years ago when the brand started to be

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Toyota Harrier SUV

Toyota Harrier aka Lexus RX300.     If you’re looking for spacious cruiser that isolates your loved ones from all the bumps of the outside world, it has got to be an SUV then. That was the first thing I

Kia Rio 1.4A – No Nonsense Transport

Makes Sense   The Kia Rio 1.4A will get you from point A to point B in Singapore. Whilst it will not give you all the creature comforts of a luxury saloon, it will get you there without the roughing

Toyota Wish MPV A Wise Buy

Toyota Wish – People Transporter for the People       Not the most exciting vehicle no doubt – it’s not a red prancing horse. Straight line performance is not what you’d call exhilarating, but then, which MPV is? But MPVs

Good Used Cars Selling Fast

Dealers Registered Cars Selling Quick!   Gone with the wind – the used car stocks registered with dealers before the loan restrictions were put in place, sell out quick as hotcakes as the Monetary Authority decided to allow these (which

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