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“A good business is much more than a network of contracts. It is an organization – an institution – that functions best if those who work for it believe that it has a purpose and a vision that will serve the society of which it is part” – Will Hutton.

We want to help you with your car.

We aim to make the process of owning a car enjoyable –  easier, pain and worry free. It’s not always a given when there’s so much paperwork to be done – insurance to be settled, road tax, PARF and COE to understand. We want to help make it all easier and yet at the same time, if you wish to know the details, the dollars you pay must make sense. This is what we mean:

Often when you purchase a car from a distributor, you do not know where the full amount of what you paid for goes to. Have you ever wondered how much of the price goes towards the COE? The COE price is public info, but then when it falls by a certain amount, why is it that the distributor gives you no rebate or a rebate of less than the amount the COE fell? It is less transparent that you had hoped for. For a distributor to profit based on the car they sell, being car distributors, that is understandable. For them to profit based on the taxes, COE and other legislated requirements is … well, you know.

We provide a full range of services from financing to insurance to trade-in and import of new vehicles. In all our dealings, we hope to be transparent, flexible and helpful.

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Let us know your car needs and we will help you reach your objective & get to where you’re going. Is that not the whole point of having a car?


Our Address


Please note that our new address is:

11, Sin Ming Road

#B3-09, Unit 1

Thomson V Two

Singapore 575629


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Thomson V Two, Location of SG Cash N Cars

Thomson V Two. At the Junction of Thomson Road and Sin Ming Road.




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