Business Loans Partner

For SG Cash N Cars customers who have financing needs beyond vehicular loans and insurance, we work with Finnex.


Finnex is a business consultancy firm that specialises in empowering businesses through the injection of funds through debt. With a collective experience of at least 20 years in consulting, our team of consultants have assisted a wide array of businesses across different industries from Micro Businesses to Listed Companies.

The greatest difference that sets Finnex away from other business consultancies is that, WE care on providing the RIGHT solutions to SMEs. We have helped countless business owners to turnaround their business and unlike a broker, we grow together. We have numerous remarkable achievements whose businesses tripled and even quadrupled in their revenue after engaging Finnex.

Business Support Services

Finnex offers two services to our clients namely:
SME Loan Consulting is an unique approach to assist to structure and establish business credit facilities offered by our vast network of 50 unique Financiers ranging from the Banks to Private Lending Platforms, after an in-depth understanding of the business operation.

Finnex’s Business & Profitability Enhancement Program (FBPEP), otherwise known as the “Business Doctor”, is designed by our CEO, Mr Chia Kok Wei (Kei), who is an award-winner of New Entrepreneur – Entrepreneur of the Year Award (EYA) by ASME and Rotary Club of Singapore back in 2016.

The “Doctor” characteristics of this program allows our clients to fine-tune and gain better control over their business through the proven 4-steps approach, “Diagnosing”, “Analysing”, “Prescribing” & “Monitoring” on a yearly retainer basis.

Believing in the word “Karma”, our blog is regularly updated with information that may help a SME owner in desperate need of help.

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