Drive Grab Gojek & Tada – Cars Available for Drivers

GrabGrab. Their technologies makes transportation for commuters only a click away  – they are taking off in a big way in cities around the world! With more than a million signed up as passengers using these apps, making payment for their daily travel (at rates not much different from taxis), this has become the standard when anyone wants fast efficient service arriving at their doorstep within minutes.

As a driver and provider of the service, you can gain from the steady upward trend, providing limousine service for these million and more users and run your own business, with freedom to choose your own hours to work each day!

We are here to help with ready cars, available for rent, your most important tool in making the most profit out of driving for the limousine service transportation apps.

Sign up with Grab anytime with a car from our company, our car already fulfills the standard requirements needed at Uber and Grab

  • Z-type vehicle under LTA
  • Insured with limousine / commercial insurance
  • and registered under a corporate name (recently, this rule has been revised)
  • Cars already signed up and activated on the Uber platform

Some other requirements are shown here (PDVL) and here (blue decal).

There’s no need to worry, our friendly staff will guide you through the process of registration and help you get started on the day you start renting the vehicle. You’ll be off and ready to make pick up your first rider!

We cater to the Grab

Why? Because we want our cars to be your best assistant in making a good profit.

Lancers for Rent

This category of cars (1.4L to 1.6L sedans and hatchbacks) and MPV class of vehicles (E.g.: Toyota Sienta & Toyota Wish) – are the group of vehicles that receive the most bookings daily compared with the more expensive Uber Black (BMW 7 Series, Mercedes S Class, Alphard and Vellfire), and it doesn’t take much to realise why.

Grab economy vehicles cater to the general public and not just for special events and VVIPs.

Many more people travel by the budget class vehicles from Grab on a daily basis!

We are Committed to Providing Quality Cars At Competitive Prices

So that we can help you maximize your profit.

Uber Partner Account

And we maintain all our vehicles to a high standard!

Plus, our prices include all of the following:

  • Commercial Insurance
  • Inspection Fees (Vicom)
  • Maintenance Costs*
  • Breakdown assistance*
  • Road Tax Renewal

*Terms and conditions apply.

Your only costs are petrol and parking!

Viewing and test drives available before you sign on with us! We are confident you will find our cars your best money making tool for Grab driving.

Contact us with the form on the right side of this page or feel free to call, Whatsapp or SMS Robin at 92782880 for more information about the cars currently available.

See you on the roads soon!