COE Renewal Price Cat A, B & C | February PQP 2022 Results

COE Renewal Price Cat A, B & C | February PQP 2022 Results

This below are February 2022 COE renewal prices will be.

Yes, you can know the COE renewal prices for next month at the end of the prior month.

These figures below are the actual renewal price, and these are calculated using the previous six bids closing prices, since the last bid of January is already closed.

We normally do a prediction in the mid of the month, but this January we had too much going on to do a prediction.

(You can see from our previous articles on our website our past predictions. Just go to our Home Page and under Search box, type COE Renewal to do some research for yourself by comparing those to LTA’s figures here.)

Cat A $56,670

This month’s PQP (January 2022) had already increased by $3,469 compared to December 2021. And Cat A COE renewal price is to increase further by (+4.87%) $2,631 in February 2022.

If your expiry is in February, it makes sense to do it now in January.

But if it is in March, April or May? Many are confused by how to know what is lost when they renew their COE early.

We can help advise you on when to renew so it makes the most sense, financially for your vehicle. For that we will need some vehicle info in order to calculate and advise.

Leave us your info using the contact form on this page or simply click WhatsApp to get to us soon.

Cat B $80,583

Cat B is moving higher again. Despite already increasing the last four months, it moves up another $1,549 (+1.96%), the fifth increase on the trot.

After past three months of frankly shocking increases in November, December and January which totalled a grand $18,448, this month’s increase is less. And some car owners might heave a sigh of relief.

However, we do not think it is time to feel relieved if your COE is coming up soon. The chance of a reduction in price from current levels is quite slim.

If you see our article on the latest COE trend and direction (written end January), and you may start to feel the same.

So, if your car expiry is in March/April/May 2022 before your COE is due, do contact us, and we will advise further.

Cat C $43,284

This is the only category where price increase is less than $1k. The rise of $968 is also less than last month’s increase of $1,666.

This would be the fifth increase for Cat C in a row, which had started since back in October 2021.

Will the rise continue into the rest of the first quarter of 2022?

That looks likely as the COE quota for this Cat C has gone down this quarter to even lower than the low levels of the November 2021 to January 2022 quarter, coupled with the pick up in slack that we see from after then Chinese New Year. You can see the handy table we have here in our earlier report.

And In The Coming Months After February 2022?

We always advise all our customers with the best available data we have on our hands, for when and how to renew their COE to hopefully obtain available advantages afforded by their time of expiry.

WhatsApp us again to register, at least a couple months before your COE expiry! That way, we have a chance to get you the best price out of those months!

What is our method? Find out here our secret about how you can save thousands on COE renewal, opportunity allowing.

However, with our data and advice, the decision of when to move ahead to renew is always yours to make!

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