COE Renewal Price Cat A, B & C | November 2020 PQP Results

COE Renewal Price Cat A, B & C | November 2020 PQP Results
This car set the record for fastest climb at Pikes Peak, and we are seeing a fast climb in COE renewal prices too

In the latest October 2nd round COE bid which some news outlets have called as a mixed result. However, we fear that, for the readers of this update here interested in COE renewal prices, it is all up, up for all the Categories we are focused on, that is Cat A, B & C.

So why did they call it a mixed result? Well, Cat E went down a little, but Cat E has no effect whatsoever on any of the COE renewal prices at all. Yes that, and the bike category went a little lower too.

Below are the results in detail for latest October COE bid. If you are looking for our latest COE renewal price prediction for the December 2020 COE renewal and our take on what is to come early 2021, click here.

COE Bidding Result 2nd Bid October 2020

Cat A $37,334

Up by $1,111 (+3.07%) in the latest bid. Cat A took a break and went lower in the first bid of October after four straight increases before that, however, has resumed rising again.

Cat B $40,990

Is up by (+0.73%) or $300, compared to the first bid of this month. We were speaking about Cat B taking a breather before going up in one or two bids again, and so will this rise continue?

Cat C $33,778

Up by $1945 (+5.89%). This is the outstanding category for COE bidding, we did not expect another rise in Cat C for commercial vehicles. It has now risen for six COE bids in a row without any break, from when it was $23,888 in July’s second bid. This is an amazingly sharp rise of +41.40% and in a short time of three months.

Were We Accurate in COE Renewal Price Prediction?

And so, the result for the latest COE renewal price is not unlike what we had also predicted in our earlier article on the probable price movement for November 2020 PQP.

To quickly summarize it here for those who did not click on the link in the above paragraph, we had predicted a rise in all Categories for November PQP, and we were right!

It was not difficult to predict the direction, seeing how the renewal prices are still below the current bidding prices, and that means the renewal prices are playing catch-up and rising in order to close the gap.

Although, after this latest PQP price rise announced below, Cat A & B is almost at the same price as its latest COE bid price. While Cat C still has room to catch up, which means a likely price rise in December for Cat C PQP.

Results for COE Renewal Price November 2020

The below are the renewal prices for November 2020 for cars coming to the end of their 10 year COE.

Cat A $36,475

Up by $1,275 (+3.62%) for November 2020 renewal, compared to October COE renewal price.

Cat B $40,014

Up by $1,798 (+4.70%) compared to the renewal price of October 2020.

Cat C $28,535

Down by $3,080 compared to the PQP of October 2020. This +12.10% increase is a big rise and in the previous month, it has already risen by close to 10%.

What’s Our Advice for Those With COE Renewal Coming?

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