COE Renewal Price Cat A, B & C | October 2020 PQP Results

COE Renewal Price Cat A, B & C | October 2020 PQP Results
LTA celebrates Octoberfest with higher PQP

Nothing unexpected with this rise in prices, but can be quite painful if you are going to renew your car. If you find this sharp price increase (especially for Cat B) unexpected, then you must have missed our prediction for October 2020 PQP which was written earlier.

(Now that the prices for October 2020 month COE renewal are firm and fixed, look out also for our article on the prediction for COE renewal prices for November 2020 – a must read if your COE expiry is not this month)

With the shrinking quota this COE renewal price uptrend is set to continue into November as well. I’ve had a few customers tell me there are going to be more COE available for bidding (they read it in sgCarmart without much context), and well, sorry to dampen your expectations, it’s not going to bring a big dent in prices.

Here are the latest COE bidding results

COE Bidding Result 2nd Bid September 2020

Cat A $38,504

Up by $738 (+1.95%) in the latest bid. Cat A continues to rise while Cat B…

Cat B $40,989

Is down by (-1.26%) or $521 compared to the first bid of this month. Is this the breather that was expected coming before prices rise again maybe one two bids down the road?

Cat C $28,589

Up by $1,945 (+7.30%) compared to the previous bid of September. This is quite a big jump for commercial vehicles and could that be a sign that our industry and commercial activities are getting some traction and recovering from the doldrums?

Cat E $41,001

Up by $211 (+0.51%) compared to the first bid of September.

Do Your COE Renewal Loan Now to Save Thousands

No, not later but now. Because the amount you pay is going to be significantly different and not for the better – you are going to pay more if you don’t act soon. There is now a limited time window, as LTA will move on to use the October prices from 1st October.

This is the exact same message we put in our last results announcement for PQP when we announced the September prices, which were higher than the August prices for COE renewal. The rising trend is intact and its going to get higher. This month, we have the same message, we can help you save thousands of dollars if you act now fast, and contact us. So how much higher is October?

These are the prices that you will be paying if you delay and renew in October instead of right now:

PQP COE Renewal Price Results for October 2020

Cat A $35,200

Up by $2,060 (+6.22%) for October compared to September COE renewal price.

Cat B $38,216

Up by $3,281 (+9.39%) compared to the renewal price of September.

Cat C $25,455

Down by $1,505 (+6.28%) compared to the PQP of September 2020.

So What Should You Do Now?

This is the most common question we get asked, especially for customers who have cars that are expiring in December to February next year. We have the answers.

We have helped many who come to us save thousands in situations like this, so you can rely on us to guide you through this and shed some light at how to analyse this.

And for this we only charge a small admin fee (starting from $321 for 10 years renewal) for the COE renewal service. And unlike other services, the banks we use do not impose further loading fees (others typically add $200).

We sincerely hope that you pay a lower COE renewal price and get a loan with good terms and conditions, and to that all our past customers can attest! Click to WhatsApp if you have any queries or call 92782880 during office hours. Or simply use the contact form on this page and we will call you back to assist.

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