COE Renewal Price | PQP Prediction for September 2021

COE Renewal Price | PQP Prediction for September 2021
Mountains or valleys ahead? Or maybe just flat roads

Good news for new car buyers?

Every COE Category for cars has softened compared to the previous bid, where every single Cat, A to E, went up in the final bid of July 2021.

The reaction of the last bid was likely due to news of the COE quota shrinking for the current quarter. We reported about how much it shrunk by in our previous article here.

This below are the latest results:

COE Bidding Result 1st Bid of August 2021

Cat A $45,189

This is a price decrease of $1,821 (-3.87%).

We mentioned a couple of times before that this is the “necessary car” category and the one to enter at if you needed a car (other than used cars).

So this reduction in the latest bid and the recent bidding trend of the last few bids seems to suggest that there might be a true weakness showing here.

You will see a repeated price drop pattern here, where it has gone from $47k level down to $45k level, similar to three bids ago where it did the exact same.

And this has happened in spite of the reduction in COE quota announced for August of -3.14%.

Cat B $56,001

Prices for Cat B closed lower this bid by $3,500 (-5.88%).

Ironically, this mirrors Cat A in that it has gone down again. The fall in price is almost the same was what it went up by in the previous bid (+$3,401).

This is also back to the same level during the 2nd bid of June 2021, where we mentioned the fall was due to car dealers no longer guaranteeing registration before 1st of July to avoid the VES penalty.

It would seem that maybe $56k is the real market level, if no new legislation was affecting the prices. But we also note that this reduction is price is in the face of a COE quota reduction of -4.76%

Cat C $42,589

This is an increase of $3,066 (+7.76%).

This is the only increase of the three here, and by a significant percentage.

Quite obviously, this is due to the sharp reduction on the COE quota of -26.75%, resulting in an average of only 115 COE available for each bid for the August to October 2021 period.

COE Quota Reduction No Effect on Cat A and Cat B?

Yes, that would seem to be the case, that despite the reduction in COE, these two categories went down.

That only shows one thing, that the demand for vehicles in these categories is has gone down faster than the rate of COE quota reduction.

However, note that the reduction of quota for these two are in the below 5% level.

The only one that has gone as expected with the reduction of quota is Cat C, and that is no surprise with the sharp cut, where the reduction is by more than one quarter of the total COE per bid, compared to previous COE quota quarter.

COE Direction For The Coming Bid

This is one time we are not sure on where it’s headed.

There seems to sink in the fact now that the economy (like the Ferrari’s trip through this narrow alleyway) is not as chugging along as well as it was expected. Is it going to go forward, or will it eventually be reversing?

The mood is depressed and the hope of our opening up; that optimism is now dampened with the P2HA, and also the Delta variant increasing its spread worldwide. Will there be further lockdowns in Singapore and elsewhere? We can only wait and see, the possibility is there.

The regress from opening up for business and going back to P2HA is quite a blow for many businesses, especially F&B and transportation as WFH (work from home) continues or is put in place again. We will not even mention tourism, which has remained near dead since this began.

My mention of transportation above means those operating private hire (Grab) are also not earning as much. And this will affect the new registration of (especially Cat A) vehicles for the purpose of use as PHV (private hire vehicles).

In our unofficial top 10 vehicles for Grab & PHV use, according to our casual observation, only the Toyota Wish & Honda Stream is in Cat B. There are no more Wish or Stream for sale as new cars (phased out). The rest are all Cat A, Models such as the Honda Vezel, Mitsubishi Attrage, Mazda 3, Toyota Altis, Prius & Vios.

Once popular as Grab PHV vehicles, these are no longer allowed to be used as this Mitsubishi Lancer GLX model has passed the 10 year old mark.

The Expected Grab New Car Demand Is Reduced

We wrote about this in earlier articles, and how dealers were all set to help out with Grab drivers switch, from old cars on their second COE no longer allowed to drive for Grab, into new cars.

But with the dampened demand for transport due to WFH impacting the earnings of drivers, more of them must be considering whether it is worth to take up more debt (from a new car loan) and whether that can be serviced in the longer term if this P2HA keeps going. This is going to have an effect on Cat A more than any other.

It may still come back again of course, the demand for transport, as soon as we are more open.

And we do see that happening.

Our Covid vaccination programme has already reached a large portion of our population, with time, eventually, we will all be vaccinated, and opening up should be expected.

However, the drivers are probably not seeing that right now. And they are holding back. It’s logical for these drivers to step in only when the earnings are clearly more visible.

Given the above backdrop, this is our prediction for the COE renewal prices for the coming month of September 2021?

COE Renewal Price Prediction for September 2021

We still have an opinion on where the COE renewal prices are going, despite some vagueness from the current situation, we think this will be the coming month’s COE renewal prices.

By the way, this was our previous month’s COE renewal price prediction for August 2021. How close were we and were we useful for those customers who had signed up with us? (Key in the password in the title access the info)

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