COE Renewal Price | Results for August 2019

So our predictions for August came back to be in the right direction – nothing to get excited about since we are getting the direction (rise or fall) right most of the time. But how close were we?

Here are the results for COE PQP for renewal for all categories for the month of August:

PQP Cat A Down, $29,328

Result is down by $1,184 compared to Cat A PQP of the month of July 2019. This is only $23 away from our prediction of the prices for August which we made earlier this month.

Cat A bidding was weak and we saw the prices at $1 even with just 29 minutes before closing, but rise to end at $26,667 in the end. This latest round bid for Cat A is lackluster and with number of bids outnumbering the actual quota by only 17%.

And this is significant as I remind again that this is the first decline in COE renewal prices for Cat A after four straight months of COE PQP increases from March till July. This change in direction could last longer and we do feel the next months bidding would result in further drops in the renewal price PQP for the month of September 2019. Stay tuned for our prediction if you are having a renewal month that comes after August or call us now for a chat on how to renew your car with a COE loan.

In the meantime, those who have expiry in the month of August, celebrate, as you have just saved yourselves $1,184.

PQP Cat B Down, $39,936

PQP result is down by $2,949 compared to Cat B PQP of the month of July 2019.

Our prediction of a fall of $3,967 was more than the actual fall, but Cat B owners coming up for renewal in the month of August 2019 save much more than Cat A owners and will probably still party like kids with candy! Our prediction in dollars saved was off on this one, but this is still a significant savings in COE renewal compared to July’s – and probably good enough for you not to blame us for not being accurate.

There was a strong rise in this Cat B for the latest bid, as the COE went up by $5,406 on the back of healthy number of bids at 47% more bid versus quota available – 1,677 to 1,143 available COEs.

It’s a Cat B owner’s party!

PQP Cat C Down, $26,109

$1,650 down compared to Cat C PQP of the month of July 2019. We are off the prediction by $46 only.

The latest bidding for Cat C shows there is still demand for this Cat of COE, though we see prices decline by $400, we see that the number of quota available for Cat C is much less than the number of bids received – 657 versus 393 available COEs or 67% more bids than COE. Will we see a rise in the 1st bid of August for Cat C?

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