COE Renewal Price | Results for December 2019

COE Renewal Price | Results for December 2019
2019 Christmas Season Car COE Renewal Price, is it a gift?

The results for COE renewal price or PQP are pretty much in line with what we expected, with some slight variations, Cat B and Cat C are better than predicted (means lower that what we had expected – so good for you), although Cat A is higher than our prediction by $367.

But although Cat B is lower than predicted, in absolute dollar terms December’s Cat A fell and Cat B rose when compared to November renewal prices, just as we had predicted earlier.

Some Questions Our COE Renewal Customers May Ask

1. So now, since Cat B is going up, is it worth it to renew Cat B in December if your car expires in December of 2019 or should one take advantage of the lower November PQP prices to renew early and save some money? Well, it depends on the actual date of you car expiry in December. Contact us to find out more.

2. Can I use October 2019 COE PQP price since that is lower than both November and December COE renewal price? The answer to that lies in how smart LTA is with money, so what do you think?

3. Also, if I’m away for December on holiday, can I get the COE renewal done in time? This for Cat A especially, since it is better price to renew in December than November. Well, you don’t have to worry if you register with us.

PQP for December 2019

PQP Cat A Down, $31,976

Down by $440, compared to the month of November 2019’s Cat A COE renewal price.

PQP Cat B Up, $39,313

Up by $184, compared to the month of November 2019’s Cat B COE renewal price. We are just $50 shy of the actual price in our prediction.

PQP Cat C Down, $25,577

Down by $735, compared to the month of November 2019’s Cat C COE renewal price. We are $53 off the actual price.

What About The Coming Months?

Stay tuned to SG Cash N Cars for more insights or call us – will the demand for cars outstrip the gravity of the poor economy? And is that what is happening in Cat A right now as we move into the Chinese New Year season?

Click on WhatsApp to text us to enquire about COE renewal financing and we will be happy to help you figure out which month is best to renew at, saving your money, or use the contact form on the right or the bottom of the screen to reach us.

Some LTA Constraints When It Comes to COE Renewal

The main constraints given by LTA are that all past months COE renewal prices are now out of the picture (you cannot choose any month that has passed even though it has better pricing) and you also cannot wait for the month after your COE expiry date. Yes, you have one month after the expiry to renew, but you cannot use the following month’s pricing.

These and all other restrictions we will explain to you when it is best time to renew COE.