COE Renewal Price | Results for July 2019

Folks looking to renew COE, it’s a mixed bag of results this month, the COE renewal price has gone down for two categories and gone up for Cat A.

Clearly, those who have Cat A vehicles expiring in the month of July should come to us soon to get the renewal done in June or pay $673 more in July, makes no sense, as you lose at most four weeks of the old COE, and for some owners maybe only a few days (e.g.: if the car expires 3rd July), and $673 is worth more than one month of COE usage at the current rates.

But good news for those who have Cat B cars expiring later, it is headed down marginally for July by $122. So you should postpone paying for renewal, as most car owners already know, you also get one more extended month of usage under the existing COE, while you wait for COE renewal prices for the month of August to come out (just come back to our site to find the results) before choosing whether to go ahead with renewal in July or August or later.

But the question customers always ask us goes something this:”If my car is expiring only in Jan 2020, then when is the right time? How do I know?” We have a way to calculate and we show all our customers which month makes sense when we put registered customers on our PQP monitoring once they have signed up to renew. So if you have a car that expires later, sign on with us now to benefit. Our prediction for the month of August 2019 is out! Click to find out more!

So, here are the results for all categories of vehicles:

PQP Prices For The Month of July 2019

The below are firm prices that will not change regardless of COE bidding results in the month of July 2019.

PQP Cat A Up, $30,512

Up by $673 compared to Cat A PQP of the previous month of June 2019.

Three months and three times the Cat A PQP has risen, will this trend continue?

The previous month had gone up by $1,953 and the month before that a big four digit increase of $4,152. With those two taken into consideration, this latest increase for July seems mild at only $673. Are we are seeing a weakening of the demand for Cat A COE bidding and a possible reverse in direction, given that the latest bid is $26,999? Look our for our forecast for August coming later, come back around the 12th of July 2019 to find out where we think this is headed.

PQP Cat B Down, $42,885

Down by $122 compared to Cat B PQP of the month of June 2019.

After a $3,444 increase last month, the current reduction of $122 seems like a sigh of relief for those owners whose Cat B comes later this year end, but is this a rest before the chart moves upward again or a sign of a change in direction? Cat B latest bid has gone down by $3,822 and this is the third consecutive fall in bidding prices. Could this lower new car COE trigger more showroom traffic and renewed interest in new cars? And if so, will renewed bidding interest push prices upwards again? Or will it remain slow? Time will tell, and we will also report on that, but before it happens, we will predict August 2019 PQP renewal prices by second week of July, do come look for it here again.

PQP Cat C Down, $27,759

$505 down, compared to Cat C PQP of the month of June 2019.

After an increase of $445 last month, this month’s fall is surely welcome for commercial vehicle owners. We are now back to about the same level as for May 2019. Given that the increased quota for this category is likely to result in steady prices, we see a picture of downward trend for Cat C for the coming months. How far down will it go? Will there be any unexpected surprises as LTA announces COE quota for the quarter starting in August? Let’s see.

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