COE Renewal Prices | September 2020 PQP Results

COE Renewal Prices | September 2020 PQP Results
COE on the launch pad and going up? Looks like it

COE bidding for the second bid of August 2020 was completed on 19th of August and the results are as predicted in our previous article where we were already hinting at the rise in prices and which we see will continue to be the trend for the coming months. COE renewal price for September 2020 continues to follow the bidding prices, moving upwards for August.

The news out there gives you all the results after they happen, here we give you the result here as well, for your convenience to compare, and we also try to predict and tell you what happens next.

(Note: this page here provides you the PQP for COE renewal prices for the month of September 2020, but if you are looking for October 2020 PQP predictions, click here)

COE Bidding Result 2nd Bid August 2020

Cat A $35,710

Up by $2,710 (+8.21%) in the latest bid.

Cat B $38,802

Up by (+4.58%) or $1,700 compared to the first bid of this month.

Cat C $25,006

Up by $906 (+3.75%) compared to the previous bid of August.

And also, tellingly, the Open Cat E also continued to rise, the category only bidded by dealers.

Cat E $38,110

Up by $1.608 (+4.40%) compared to the first bid of August.

Though Cat E is up, it is now less costly than Cat B this time, which may show either that the dealers are getting cautious on collecting Open Cat COEs for new incoming customers who want immediate registration, and that they are afraid with of a pull back in prices after this recent rising trend that has COE at its highest levels for year 2020.

Or simply that Cat B demand was so high that it shot past the price for Open Cat faster than dealers and distributors could safely make adjustments to their bids.

And here is what all you who are looking for COE Renewal are looking for, the prices for next month’s COE renewal price.

PQP COE Renewal Price Results for September 2020

Cat A $33,140

Up by $950 (+2.95%) for September compared to August COE renewal price.

Cat B $34,935

Up by $2,021 (+6.14%) compared to the renewal price of August.

Cat C $23,950

Down by $152 (-0.63%) compared to the previous PQP of August.

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