PQP Prediction for October 2018

PQP Prediction for October 2018

Ladies and gentlemen, if there is good news to be shared, then let me be the one to share it! We think that bearer of good news is always welcome! And yes, I want to be that guy you are happy to hear it from; and to see, if you ever come by our office for the COE renewal help we offer.

PQP for October is predicted to fall across the board

Yes, for all categories from Cat A to Cat B to Cat C!

So if there is ever a good time to renew, it is in the month of October. We cannot tell the future too far ahead of time, and it still may go down further (or up, nobody knows for sure yet), but here are our guesses for the PQP in October:

Cat A $30,784

Cat B $32,436

Cat C $29,513

Remember please, the above are predicted results for October 2018, not official yet, until the LTA announces it after the second bid of September. So you read it here first, let’s see how close we are to the actual PQP for October!

But if you are watching things closely because your car renewal is coming up real soon, in the next two or three months, this above info may help you decide. We have been pretty close with our crystal ball gazing so far, using our market feel calculation based on sales volumes!

Our PQP prediction made in mid May for June 2018 was spot on

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Are PQP prices “headed lower”? We do think so!


renewed COE happy
Customer who renewed COE through us taking good care of his car for the next 10 years – battery changed on the same day too!