PQP Rates for the February 2018

PQP Rates for the February 2018
Cat A PQP Trend For the Past 6 months

This is a public service announcement. No, really.

It seems the SG Carmart website that usually calculates and announces the PQP levels has stopped doing so even though the February PQP rates can be calculated at this moment in time. They are usually the fastest at announcing this info, and we refer to their page too, but the news is not out yet as of 18th January 2018. We’re wondering why. Hmm.

So this is the info that you need:

PQP for February of 2018

Cat A is at $42,112

Cat B is at $50,578

Cat C is at $46,992

Cat A PQP Trend


Cat B PQP Trend

You’re welcome!

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