October 2018 PQP Result & How Close Was Our Prediction?

So this was our COE PQP prediction for October in a post just a few days ago:

Cat A $30,784

Cat B $32,436

Cat C $29,513

And this is the actual PQP

Cat A $30,284

Cat B $32,278

Cat C $29,397

This is based on the latest six rounds of COE bidding used to calculate the PQP for October.

We were right with the good news that PQP prices would be lower across the board! The actual reduction in PQP for the three categories are:

Cat A $2,055 savings over September

Cat B $1,098 savings over September

Cat C $1,300 savings over September

Congratulations to those who waited! Especially for those who have vehicles in Cat A, with a savings of over two thousand dollars!

And how close are our prediction compared to the actual?

Cat A $500

Cat B $158

Cat C $116

Were we close enough?