Pre-owned E200 Kompressor

Mercedes E200 Kompressor (2008)

Handsome alloy rims adorn this is the Avantgarde E200K compared to the lesser Elegance model
Handsome alloy rims adorn this is the Avantgarde E200K compared to the lesser Elegance model

There was a time when the silvers star meant a premium brand in Singapore, and no doubt it still does. Though there is the loss of some prestige years ago when the brand started to be used as taxis – especially for those who drive the white coloured ones – there is still a lot of that quiet admiration for the driver of a Mercedes.

The E200K is no doubt a well engineered and solid offering from the Mercedes stable. Quiet and relaxed, this is a cruiser that will not add to your stress levels in stressful Singapore – whether you are on the expressway or in Orchard Road traffic, it will get you there fresh as when you first popped open the door to get in. And that’s a very good thing for the busy executive at the end of the day (or night, for those who work late).

The E-Class is very comfortable but not excessively so that it doesn’t handle at all, it’s the kind of car that insulates you from the hustle and bustle on the outside. It may be a surprise to some then, that this sedan has a sporty side, given its reputation as a consummate cruiser that can bring you up to KL and back in a day without feeling overly tired from the driving.

There are no creaks nor strange noises on the road – this is German technology and their reputation  for well built cars stays intact. You expect everything to work well in the car and indeed it does, from the way the switch-gear operates to the rain sensing wipers to the RDS radio that displays the station name info. This Advantgarde version also offers reverse camera to help you stop just right where you should – a very helpful feature in a car that is spacious on the inside, there’s no compromise on leg space for rear occupants and it is therefore longer than the usual 1.6 Japanese sedans that ply our roads. And the boot, oh, much larger than you would imagine looking at the car from the outside, so even the load carry capability is without compromise.

Though it is long, the real surprise is the tight turning circle! It can negotiate those U-turns and parking spots with amazing ease. Together with the reverse camera, that means no problems with parallel parking at all. (Just try driving a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution to compare, that has the turning radius of Saturn’s orbit)

The heart of a car often defines its character - this one's breadth of ability allows you to dictate its mood giving you'relaxed' or'urgent' at the flex of your right ankle.
The heart of a car often defines its character – this one’s breadth of ability allows you to dictate its mood giving you ‘relaxed’ or ‘urgent’ at the flex of your right ankle.

The Mercedes petrol engines are one of the most efficient, smooth and quiet workhorses around – carrying the family and yourself wherever you may fancy. If there is but one complaint about the engine, it’s that it is unassuming and does not display much character. Actually, that comment only applies for the lower rev range of the engine and it’s unfair to say so for a car not built for the purpose of entertaining the enthusiast driver, but to quietly and without effort bring you to your destination. However, should you be in the mood for some expediting, the ‘K’ (i.e.: kompressor) in E200K gives you that satisfying supercharger whistle and the accompanying push you feel in a solidly built machine with a good heart. It’s an engine that allows you this duality, relaxed or an exuberant kompressor assisted 184bhp, giving the shove when needed and letting you know you are in a very well thought out machine, suited for most of life’s situations.

Merc E200K Rear 3 Qtr

We have one unit of the Mercedes E200 available in metallic grey, registered late Mar 2008.

For sale and with attractive loan rates below the market usual at 1.88% , it’s in great condition – see it before it’s gone. Asking $91.6k, negotiable for the serious buyer. Contact us for a viewing.

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