Toyota Harrier SUV

Toyota Harrier aka Lexus RX300.


Should the front windows be tinted more? Hm...
Should the front windows be tinted more? Hm…


If you’re looking for spacious cruiser that isolates your loved ones from all the bumps of the outside world, it has got to be an SUV then. That was the first thing I noticed when driving this – I found I no longer avoided those manhole covers and other road imperfections that was send vibration through the cars that I’m used to driving. Perhaps its the ground clearance, perhaps its that the sidewalls of the tyres are taller, perhaps the shock absorbers are that much better.


Ready to waft to your destination in comfort
Ready to waft to your destination in comfort


Doing the daily runabout is a cinch, stepping out after the run I felt more relaxed. Being a big car also had me wary of it’s size, but as I drove, it seems to shrink around me. Easy to place and judge, I can tell well if it was going to make it through a gap. The higher driving position certainly brought about the additional visibility and also, subjectively, a sense of being above the crowd, not being so buried in the smog of exhaust should you be stuck in traffic.

But whichever it is, I realized it was easy to sit back and relax in this car. Let the automatic do it’s work, not bothering with the sequential shift, I just waft and reach the destination.


One of six cars by previous owner
One of six cars by previous owner


This would be a great way to go up north into Malaysia, which is a necessary trip for some who need to do their annual Chinese New Year visits. And hey, while other drivers of lesser cars wait at the roadside for the floods (that are common to Malaysia at that time) to subside, I can imagine this should wade through without sweat. Children in the back will cheer with glee. And Dad would be the hero.


It is a Harrier. But I’m not at all harried by the outside rush and buzz in it – its simply a more rested way to get around.


End March ’06 car with only one owner asking for $53.8k, call +65 9278 2880 to take a look quick before it’s gone.


Financing available at an affordable 1.88%. Check out how much your monthly payments will be for this Harrier over at our loan calculator.


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