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COE Renewal Price | PQP Prediction for November 2019

Car COE Renewal Prices Up

As it happens, this article was about to come to public view only a few days later, but we felt the need to rush it out for the benefit of all those who are having cars with COE renewal in

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Step-By-Step Registration Guide for Malaysia’s Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP)

Almost everyone who owns a car is talking about registering for VEP so that they can cross customs and drive into Malaysia. One of the great joys of owning a vehicle is the ability to go for driving holiday up

COE Renewal Price | Results for October 2019

So how did it go at this latest bidding? They are calling it mixed, and we had predicted a drifting lower, as there has been no changes in the quota, and no driving force behind COE demand, but that’s not

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COE Renewal Price | PQP Prediction for October 2019

Things tend to settle down as we go into and pass the middle of the COE quota quarter, which is where we are at now. Three bids of the current six bidding quarter from August to October (both months inclusive)

Car Recall | 7 Things to Know About Vehicle Recalls

You bought a new car or a used one off a used car dealer’s lot that is undergoing a recall exercise by the manufacturer. You got to know through a letter in the mail or maybe from a friend driving

COE Renewal Price | Results for September 2019

We have made predictions for COE renewal prices for September 2019 that customers who called us could not believe. Two who called us with Cat B cars due in October and another in January 2020 were doubting our predictions that

COE Renewal Price | Prediction for September 2019 PQP

For those who are here because you are looking to take a COE renewal loan and use your car for the next 5 or 10 years, you will want to know what’s coming on the horizon in the next month

COE Renewal Price | Results for August 2019

So our predictions for August came back to be in the right direction – nothing to get excited about since we are getting the direction (rise or fall) right most of the time. But how close were we? Here are

COE Renewal Price | Prediction for August 2019

Not holding back, here we go! We are going into good times for those with COE renewals upcoming! The prices are expected to fall in all categories, from Cat A to C, by four figure sums, with the greatest drop

COE Renewal Price | Results for July 2019

Folks looking to renew COE, it’s a mixed bag of results this month, the COE renewal price has gone down for two categories and gone up for Cat A. Clearly, those who have Cat A vehicles expiring in the month

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