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There is whole lot more to getting a car loan that you thought! We do car loans and financing, and the most common question we get is “What is the interest rate?” It’s so common that the layman in the …

Top 5 Car Loan Terms & Conditions That Can Cost You More Than Interest Rates Read More »

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Is this the best time to renew your car? We have seen months of decline, in fact, the whole of 2018 till now has seen monthly declines, with exception of May to June Cat A, where there was a small …

COE Renewal PQP Has Been Falling Since Start of 2018 Read More »

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It Just Got Harder To Own A Car In Singapore   On the 25th of February 2013, car loans in Singapore were subjected to 50% maximum loan amount for cars above $20,000 in OMV (open market value) and 60% for …

Car Loan Restrictions & Options Read More »

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