Look, COE renewal prices stopped rising, let's sit in the car and relax?

The COE bids went up, and we are actually thankful it is not by more. It is up across the board from Cat A to Cat E, though we don’t usually comment on the two wheeled category. This was only …

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Seat belt pretensioning prior to collision helps prevent injuries. Hopefully, we warned of the tightening COE quota in time to save you some for your COE renewal in 2021.

We claimed in our previous prediction last month that it would be a cinch for the average man in the street to guess the direction of the PQP renewal price for June 2021. And so, it did go as expected …

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Radiators cools car engines, COE is cooled by?

COE PQP price for June – this is too easy to predict the direction now, anyone in the street will know the direction of where this is headed. It will be headed up for the month of June, with good …

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How is this climb even possible? COE bids do the a big jump this latest bid

Exciting action on COE bidding, albeit not at all favourable to those looking to purchase a car and not a happy outcome for car sales persons who work with the bread and butter makes. Perhaps they would choose a different …

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Cars are getting smarter, their owners should too, by avoiding high COE renewal

There are those who, while doing their COE renewal with SG Cash N Cars, lament that they thought the Covid-19 and all the resulting chaos and restrictions to business and work would bring the COE crashing down. Or at least …

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We are entering in to Chinese New Year period and for some, also into COE Renewal Period.

As was expected, this last COE bid for the month of January 2021 was an upward push again, especially for the commercial vehicle category C COE, which we have foreseen the huge reduction in number of COE quota in our …

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The COE ups and downs are euphoria for some, scary for others, depending on which side of the COE fence you are on!

We have been saying it was exciting times for COE bids and renewals – and of course it is! Especially when we see a large drop in COE prices in the first bid exercise of February 2020, there is always worry on one side (dealers looking to sell their used cars fearful their prices have to be slashed), and gleeful hand-rubbing on the other side (those looking to purchase a new car soon). So of these different groups, who will stand to benefit and who loses out? Let’s find out!

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