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It’s exciting times for those who are looking to renew their car COE! The COE bidding prices for new car buyers are looking in your favour – the first bid of February 2020 prices went south for both Cat A …

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As it happens, this article was about to come to public view only a few days later, but we felt the need to rush it out for the benefit of all those who are having cars with COE renewal in …

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So how did it go at this latest bidding? They are calling it mixed, and we had predicted a drifting lower, as there has been no changes in the quota, and no driving force behind COE demand, but that’s not …

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It’s the beginning of the year, and while we are still looking forward to Chinese New Year, let’s take a short glance back at 2018 before we move ahead with our first prediction this year for the month of February …

Review for 2018 COE & PQP Prediction for February 2019 Read More »

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Is this the best time to renew your car? We have seen months of decline, in fact, the whole of 2018 till now has seen monthly declines, with exception of May to June Cat A, where there was a small …

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